About Clubbing Thailand

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About Clubbing Thailand

Clubbing Thailand wants to make your life easier! Clubbing Thailand wants to give clubbers a one-stop location to consolidate the club/disco offerings on a given date. No more searching for information on many different clubs to decide where you want to spend your night! All in one website to save you the clubber time and make you aware of your options!

Clubbing Thailand is going to benefit Dj’s and clubs also. We want DJ’s and clubs to let us know of their upcoming events so we can get the word out to the clubbers that want to attend!

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Clubbing Thailand first came to mind in April 2011 when walking on Walking Street Pattaya one day. I came across this sign after the show had happened. If I had known….

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To attend the show you would have had to have seen the sign posted in advance of the show or visit a particular website to see who was playing.

Clubbing Thailand aims to be the “go to” website so you know who will be on the decks when you want to go out!

To make your life easier, Clubbing Thailand has added an events calendar. The events calendar will enable you to see your club options on a particular day quickly!

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Clubbing Thailand will continue to grow and adjust with the club scene.


Clubbing Thailand