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Insanity Nightclub Bangkok - Olly James
Olly James at Insanity Bangkok! From Insanity: Olly James at Insanity Olly James (aka Oliver James Purvis) is a British DJ & Producer born and raised in Newcastle, England. Olly James has hot releases on a series of labels like Spinnin Records, Revealed Recordings, Smash the House & Musical Freedom, plus collaborations with Blasterjaxx, Vinai, […]

[6 Mar 19]Olly James at Insanity Bangkok!   Recently updated !

Favela Nightclub Bangkok - Famous
Famous at Favela Nightclub Bangkok! From Favela: Party with FAMOUS!!! Back to Back For his first time in Bangkok. The Party King: FAMOUS will be Live at Favela Nightclub ★★ 29th & 30 March ★★ After touring the world as an award winning rapper, hosting parties for celebrity friends Drake, Jay Z & Lebron James, […]

[29 Mar 19]Famous at Favela Nightclub Bangkok!   Recently updated !

Babarbar Bangkok - Lookas
D15 Nights presents Lookas at Barbarbar Bangkok! From Barbarbar: D15 Nights presents LOOKAS Pump up the beat!!! 2 มีนาคมนี้ เตรียมพบกับ LOOKAS ดีเจสาย Trap ตัวพ่อจากไมอามี่ กับซาวด์สุดโหดที่มาพร้อมเบสอันหนักหน่วง เขาถูกขนานนามจากนิตยสาร Rolling Stone ให้เป็น Top Ten Acts to Watch และโด่งดังด้วยการรีมิกซ์เพลงดังทั้ง Tsunami ของ DVBBS และ GDFR ของ Flo Rida ที่งานนี้ขนแทร็คฮิตอย่าง Eclipse, Alarm, Deep Breathes มาจัดเต็มความมันส์กับ Visual สุดอลังการ เตรียมร่างพร้อมเหวี่ยงให้สุดไปด้วยกันที่ BARBARBAR บัตรราคา 500 […]

[2 Mar 19]D15 Nights presents Lookas at Barbarbar Bangkok!   Recently updated !

W District Bangkok - TLT Helipad event Envision, Trance, Bangkok
TLT Pres Envision from W District Bangkok Helipad! From TLT(English & Thai): **Official Announcement** Headliner: Simon O’ Shine and ReOrderSpecial Guest: Dan Buri & Rexwake (Sam Laxton) TLT ตื่นเต้นกับงาน ENVISION ปาร์ตี้สุด Exclusive บนลายจอดเฮลิคอปเตอร์ (ที่ W District) ในวันที่ 9 มีนาคม นี้ ! เตรียมตัวพบกับการมาครั้งแรกในเมืองไทยของสุดยอด Uplifting DJ – Simon O’ Shine ! ชายผู้สร้างผลงานจารึกไว้กับวงการแนวเพลง Trance มากมาย เช่น Your Distant […]

[9 Mar 19]TLT Pres Envision from W District Bangkok Helipad!   Recently updated !

Insanity Bangkok - Rob Lee
Insanity Nightclub Bangkok Presents Rob Lee!   From Insanity: Rob Lee at Insanity Nightclub A DJ well-known for his contagious energy, Rob Lee’s shows can be defined as kinetic and impressive. His eclectic sets evade the mainstream yet remain catchy, familiar, and littered with massive bangers including his own outstanding productions. Rob Lee’s experience stems […]

[22 Feb 19]Insanity Nightclub Bangkok Presents Rob Lee!   Recently updated !

Sing Sing Theater Bangkok - Mustache Takeover - Nakadia, dj, Thailand
Mustache Takeover feat Nakadia at Sing Sing Theater Bangkok!   From Mustache: Smirnoff “We’re Open” presents, Mustache Takeover feat Nakadia The queen of Techno will play for the first time at our favorite venue, Sing Sing Theater this Wednesday 20th February 2019 Nakadia has established herself as one of the worlds leading ladies in electronic […]

[20 Feb 19]Mustache Takeover feat Nakadia at Sing Sing Theater ...

Live Arena Bagnkok - Christina Novelli, DJ, Thailand
Christina Novelli at Live Arena Bangkok!   From EPIC: Belvedere x EPIC Entertainment present: ▸ CHRISTINA NOVELLI Accomplished DJ, vocalist, songwriter and performer Christina Novelli from the UK is coming to perform for the first time in Bangkok at Live Arena RCA on Friday 1st March 2019! Her massive top hits “Concrete Angel” (with Gareth […]

[1 Mar 19]Christina Novelli at Live Arena Bangkok!

Sugar Club Phuket - Grand Opening - Thaitanium
Grand Opening Sugar Phuket with Thaitanium! From Sugar Club: GRAND OPENING SUGAR PHUKET WITH: THAITANIUM Sugar Phuket has had an amazing first month with incredible live performances, DJs and party crowd! We’d now like to make our arrival official & invite you to the Grand Opening on Monday 25 February. Prepare yourself for an exciting […]

[25 Feb 19]Grand Opening Sugar Phuket with Thaitanium!

Live Arena Bangkok - Trance Vs Hard EP3, dj, event
Trance vs Hard EP3 B2B Edition at Live Arena Bangkok! From Live Arena(English Below): ใครที่ชอบ Trance และ Hardstyle ต้องได้มันส์กันอีกครั้ง! 🔥 (English Below) กลับมาครั้งที่ 3 ตามความเรียกร้อง พบกับงาน Edm Addicts & EPIC Entertainment Presents “Trance Vs Hard 3 B2B Edition” งานที่เอาสองแนวเพลง Trance และ Hardstyle ได้มาหวดสู้กันในงานเดียว! แต่ว่า…ครั้งที่ 3 นี้ เราได้เตรียม Line Up ให้มา B2B กันทุกคู่ตลอดทั้งคืนเลย! 😱😱😱 จะดุ จะเดือดแค่ไหน […]

[23 Feb 19]Trance vs Hard EP3 B2B Edition at ...

Mustache Bangkok - Nakadia, DJ, Thailand, Techno, Bangkok, Underground, Berlin
  Nakadia at Mustache Bangkok! From Mustache: SMIRNOFF WE’RE OPEN AND MUSTACHE PRESENTS, NAKADIA AT MUSTACHE BANGKOK Last gig for Nakadia in Thailand for this year before leaving to Germany, we hope to see everyone for this special night. SABURA (Progressiv Astronaut Eulentanz Dunkelheit) AND FARMHAUS wil warm up and continue at the second floor […]

[22 Feb 19]Nakadia at Mustache Bangkok!

Insanity Bangkok - Jetfire, dj, Thailand, Soi 11
Jetfire at Insanity Bangkok! From Insanity: JETFIRE is coming to Insanity! Currently holding 110th position on DJ MAG’s Top 100, the Belgium-based JETFIRE trio burst onto the scene in 2013 with their distinctive sound & concept, pushing the limits of EDM music further when they forged their signature combination of Rock-infused electronic guitars & soundtracks […]

[13 Feb 19]Jetfire at Insanity Bangkok!

Illuzion Phuket - Willy William
Willy William at Illuzion Phuket! From Illuzion: PHUKET, ARE YOU READY? We are delighted to welcome the hottest latin artist at the moment for his debut show at #IlluzionPhuket! Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Willy William, the man behind Billboard top 100 hit “Mi Gente” featuring Beyoncé! Performing LIVE ON STAGE his HITS: J Balvin, […]

[17 Feb 19]Willy William at Illuzion Phuket!

Barbarbar Bagnkok - Chromeo
Chromeo at Barbarbar Bangkok! Retox Sessions Proudly Presents The Long Awaited Debut Of CHROMEO Saturday February 2nd At Barbarbar About Chromeo Head Over Heels is the fifth studio album from Chromeo. Featuring twelve tracks of funk and R&B history colliding with modern pop songcraft – including the uber-catchy DRAM collaboration “Must’ve Been” and the summer […]

[2 Feb 19]Chromeo at Barbarbar Bangkok!

Shelter Phuket - Yaya
Yaya at Shelter Phuket! From Shelter: SAT 16 FEB /// Free Entrance Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the upcoming house DJ and producer that will take you into a journey of the finest grooves and percussions in the game ————————————– Yaya • Since his teenage years, Yaya approaches music with rhythm performing as a […]

[16 Feb 18]Yaya at Shelter Phuket!

Nineteens Up Bangkok - Sonic Dreams XL, dj, Thailand, Bangkok, Psytrance
Sonic Dreams XL with Christopher Lawrence! From Sonic Dreams: SONIC DREAMS XL Saturday February 2nd 2019 line-up CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE pharmacy music – USA DIGICULT dacru records – Belgium HYDRO GENERATOR vs NANCHAN hinowa recordings vs mugen productions – Japan JONNIE B tlt – Thailand NANIN dj center group – Thailand PUFFER P & […]

[2 Feb 19]Sonic Dreams XL with Christopher Lawrence!