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Do Drink Promotions Influence Your Club Decision?

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Do Drink Promotions Influence Your Club Decision?




Do drink promotions and special pricing influence where you will spend your night? Is there a tipping point in price that will lure you or is it all about the music and atmosphere?


I am sure for some it may be about who has the best price bottle of vodka or beer etc. Some people may just not be into the DJ Club music like the rest of us. They will just seek out the cheapest priced drink because clubs are not to their liking.


On the other hand there are surely some that drink price does not make any difference in where they will spend their money and spend their night. It is all about the DJ and the club!  Go where the best looking people and laser club lights will be!


For me, it is great if you find a DJ you want to see and then by chance they are having your drink of choice on promotion.  DJ and atmosphere above drink prices… a point.  If some club or discotheque is going to charge silly prices for drinks I would not bother.  The club would have a whole different feel to it if the prices were “over the top”.   You have to expect to pay a little more for a drink in some places due to entertainment etc.

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In the end, it is up to the individual where they will spend their time and money.   Some people get a good feeling by not spending a lot whilst music does it for others.

What influences you?



(Pictures were borrowed from the perspective club to be use as examples of some promotions that have been available. Promotion may not be in effect at the time of publishing this blog).




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