Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Clubbing Thailand?

Clubbing Thailand is a website to get the word out about Thailand Dj’s, Clubs, and Club Events!

Is Clubbing Thailand Affiliated with any club or disco in Thailand?

No! Clubbing Thailand does not.

What is the advantage to Clubbing Thailand over an individual Clubs website?

Due to Clubbing Thailand having no affiliation with any particular Club/Disco in Thailand we will post about any club event that we know of and think will be of interest to clubbers in Thailand! Clubbing Thailand wants to inform you about your Clubbing Options on any given night.

We have a calendar listing some of events happening on a particular day. You will not need to check many different websites to see what the club schedule is.

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Do Dj’s or Clubs have to pay you to be noted on ?

No! We do not charge DJ’s or Clubs to note their event on the calendar. We welcome DJ’s and Clubs to send us a message to inform us of their event so we can be sure it is noted on the calendar.

Click the banner below to be brought to the contact form

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(Clubbing Thailand reserves the right to make the final decisions on which events will be noted on the calendar)

Does Clubbing Thailand have a Facebook page?

Yes! Please click on the banner below (and like us!).

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Will Clubbing Thailand be adding more content to the website in the future?

Yes! We intend of growing the website over time and adding new content. So please check back for updates.